Twins found dead in car, father: “I don’t know what happened and why”

The bodies of the 3-year-old children were in the car parked on Interstate 95 in Miami. The mother jumped from an overpass and is in critical condition

“I don’t really know what happened, because my children died.” This is what she declared to NBCnews Milson Cadet, the father of 3-year-old twins found dead in a parked car on Interstate 95 in Miami, Florida. While he and the other family members confirmed that the mother of the children was the woman who was seriously injured when she jumped from the highway overpass.

The man he explains that he last saw the children and their mother last Wednesday and then throughout Thursday he tried to contact the woman on the phone, without getting an answer. Friday morning he called the police to report her disappearance, and then the terrible news arrived. The man, who has another older child, said the twins – a boy and a girl – were doing well and had no health problems.

The discovery of the bodies, the mother in critical condition

Miami-Dade County police responded to a series of 911 calls around 2 a.m. The calls reported the presence of a boy and a girl in the back seat of a car stopped in one of the busiest parts of I-95. Some motorists tried in vain to resuscitate the children, who were declared dead upon arrival at hospital.

The mother, who family members identified as 42-year-old Shirlene Alcime, was admitted to Aventura Hospital. Her condition is considered critical. The family says they are shocked and devastated by what happened. Alcime had a shop in the area, and – according to NBC6 – in recent years she had had problems with the house, risking losing it, but in the end she managed to keep it. However, she still had a problem with her shop location. It is not known whether this had any influence on the woman’s actions.

“She’s a good person, a good neighbor, very good, she helped everyone”, the neighbors say of her. Meanwhile, Autopsy results are awaited to determine the causes of death of the two little ones.