Twist of the scene to Beautiful, Nikki arrives: she is the ex-wife of a beloved protagonist!

Twist of the scene to Beautiful, Nikki arrives: she is the ex-wife of a beloved protagonist of the American soap opera.

In Beautiful the twists never fail. Thanks to the constant intrigues, the American soap opera has kept millions and millions of people glued to the screen for 35 years. And, soon, it will come a new mysterious character in Los Angeles…

Nikki Newman (Youtube Credits)

In the American episodes, the character will enter the scene shortly, but we will have to wait quite a few months for it to arrive in our country. If you are not afraid of spoilers, however, we reveal everything about the new entry which, in reality, is by no means an unknown face … It is the ex-wife of one of the most beloved characters and discussed Beautiful! Let’s find out all the details.

Beautiful, Nikki Newman arrives: it is not an unknown face

Among the American episodes of Beautiful and the broadcast in Italy spend several months. Thanks to the previews, however, we can find out in advance what is happening overseas. And Tv Soap reveals that soon a new character will arrive in the soap! A character who, however, is not entirely unknown! Who are we talking about?

Of Nikki Newmanwho has been the absolute protagonist of the soap sister of the Beautiful for 40 years, The Young and the Restless, or Fever of love. As often happens between the two series, the characters switch from one soap to another and the plots are intertwined! At the moment, for example, among the protagonists of Fever of love there is the young Sally Spectra, for years the protagonist of Beautiful. But who is Nikki and why will she come to Beautiful?

Well, the character is closely linked to one of the protagonists of Beautiful: the two met several years ago, just when he switched to Fever of love. Who is it about? Of Deacon Sharpe, who appeared in the sister soap of Beautiful from 2009 to 2012. In recent years, in Genoa City, Deacon has combined all the colors and, among other things, has married Nikki! The two have several things pending and will clarify them right now, in this one “Soap exchange”: also Deacon, in fact, will land again in Fever of love, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the soap opera. Subsequently, however, it will be Nikki to arrive in Los Angeles, where she will find Deacon, but not only.

According to the previews, the Newman, played since 1979 by Melody Thomas Scott, will interact with several characters of the soap, including Eric Forrester: the two met in Fever of love, when the patriarch of the Forresters also went to visit Genoa City .

beautiful nikki
Nikki and Deacon (Youtube Credits)

“Being part of the Bell family is not something I have ever taken for granted and I was therefore honored when Brad Bell decided to involve me,” commented the actress, delighted to finally land at Beautiful. We can’t wait to see this ‘exchange’, what about you?