Twist of the scene to the GF Vip, he wants to leave the game: the reason displaces everyone

Twist of the scene to GF Vip, the competitor is thinking of abandoning the game: “I don’t know if I can make it until Monday”.

Big Brother Vip is capturing the attention of viewers. The issue of bullying against Marco Bellavia kept the reality show at the center of chaos and it still is today. The mental coach left the game after confessing that he could no longer stay at home. The indifference of others and the behavior towards him were condemned by the public.

GF vip, wants to leave (credits: mediaset play)

A loud voice were asked for measures. Ginevra Lamborghini was disqualified for the phrase ‘deserves to be bullied’, while Giovanni Ciacci came out through televoting. In the episode of Thursday 6 October Signorini made known about the letter that Marco wrote and everyone listened to it. Perhaps, as said by the conductor, the former competitor will be present in the studio in the next live shows. Last time, when she walked into the studio after disqualification, Geneva was visibly shaken and in tears. We have seen that during his stay he formed a good bond with Antonino. For this reason, since the competitor asked for her several times, she received a surprise. Ginevra went into the house to greet him.

At GF Vip there seems to be no peace and in the last hours, after Sara Manfuso’s abandonment, someone confessed to wanting to leave the game.

GF vip, twist: the competitor is thinking of leaving the game

After last night’s episode, the competitors had the opportunity to talk and discuss. A strong clash was born between Pamela Prati and Patrizia Rossetti. The first asked in the confessional for a private room with a bathroom because she was not well. Her choice that she angered Patrizia who accused her of pretending not to be well.

While he was in the garden with Wilma, Carolina and Cristina, talking about the showgirl, the latter heard and approached. There was a back and forth that did not lead to any meeting point. In these hours, however, someone has surprised everyone by confessing that they want to leave the game. Antonino explained that he is not sure if he still wants to stay at home and explains the reason that led him to think about leaving.

gf vip wants to quit
Confession Antonino (credits: mediaset play)

Apparently, as you know, the absence of Ginevra Lamborghini makes itself felt. He had found her in her habitat and now, without her presence, things have changed: “I guess I can’t do it until Monday “, the competitor began, explaining: “I’m honest, I had no problems until now. I was great with her and the days passed quickly. But now things have changed without her “. Antonino therefore seems to be willing to leave the game: what will he decide to do? We’ll see.