Twitch and monetization, the news of 2023

The company (controlled by Amazon) takes stock of what it is doing in terms of earnings for all streamers

In a letter to the Twitch community, signed by Tom Verrilli, Chief Product Officer, and Mike Minton, Chief Monetization Officer, the company takes stock of what the livestreaming service is doing in terms of monetization and earnings for all streamers who on Twitch they carry on their activity as creators. Twitch promises to continue its commitment to offer a mix of different monetization tools, ensuring that there are suitable ones for everyone on the service, regardless of the size of their channel. A commitment, this, which has brought streamers a total profit of over 1 billion dollars. The first step was the lowering of the minimum payment threshold, which allowed an ever-increasing number of streamers to earn from their activity.

Guest Star was then introduced, to encourage collaboration between streamers and create new experiences that you can live with your community. The space dedicated to channel analytics has also been redesigned: now streamers have the opportunity to observe the data relating to their content with a greater level of depth, from which to start planning their content. The fundraising tool has been revolutionized, with the intention of making it more transparent and easier to use. The result, Verrilli says, was a 250% increase in charity streaming.

In 2023 Twitch wants to encourage, with the introduction of new tools, the creation of collateral content starting from livestreaming, with the aim of facilitating the promotion of its live broadcasts even outside of Twitch, for example through a collaboration with Twitter. In the first part of the year, changes will be made to improve the management of advertisements, from pre-rolls to an alert designed to avoid abrupt interruptions of live shows. Among the other features on which Twitch intends to work on over the next few months is Guest Star, with the aim of further facilitating its use, but new metrics will also be introduced within analytics and more effective discovery tools to facilitate the discovery of new content.