Twitch under hacker attack: some sensitive data at risk

Twitch would be under hacker attack. An anonymous user uploaded this morning on 4Chan, the website mainly used for posting images, a torrent link to download a huge file: 128Gb. As stated by the hacker himself, this is data stolen from the Twitch streaming platform. The title of the post ‘twitch leaks part one’ suggests that more material may be arriving in the next few days.

The information revealed

Source code of the platform, fees paid to streamers from 2019 to today, data related to clients for PC, mobile and console, proprietary SDKs and information on security keys. These are just some of the information posted by the hacker. Added to these is the documentation for the launch of a digital marketplace: Vapor, a possible future competitor of Steam (one of the most used video game distribution platforms in the world), which could be managed entirely by Amazon. It is not yet clear whether or not the theft includes passwords from the personal profiles of registered users and therefore whether the privacy of customers is threatened.

The purpose of the attack

As the post states, the purpose of the attack would be to “promote competition in the field of video streaming”, because “their community is a disgusting toxic cesspool.” One of the first newspapers to deal with the case is the Video Games Chronicle (Vgc) site, to which an anonymous source has allegedly declared that those published data are legitimate. Furthermore, according to the source, Twitch’s top executives would be aware of the violation from the first hours in which it occurred, presumably on Monday 4 October. At the moment, no official communication has yet arrived from the Amazon-owned platform.