TwitchCon stops in Las Vegas

Updates such as Stream Together, Shared Viewerships and new updates to Ad Manager and Automod will become available in the coming months

Last weekend, for the first time, Twitch’s live event, TwitchCon, stopped in Las Vegas, where thousands of people, including streamers, fans and enthusiasts, met. TwitchCon opened with a speech by Dan Clancy, CEO of Twitch, who talked about the latest updates released on the service, from Stories to Alerts and up to the way in which Guest Star will evolve. Updates such as Stream Together, Shared Viewerships and new updates to Ad Manager and Automod will become available in the coming months. Twitch has announced a further update to its simulcasting policy: now, in fact, it will be possible to broadcast simultaneously on any live streaming service, precisely because Twitch believes that it is essential for its streamers to be able to decide independently which services to go live on. Twitch is also preparing to update Guest Star to make it even more inclusive, and does so by announcing Stream Together, a new way for streamers to collaborate together.

The Twitch Drag Showcase is now one of the most anticipated events of every convention. In Las Vegas, Espé Azalea Symoné and Nicki Mirage hosted a show that featured performances by artists such as BellaDeBalle, Her_Mafrodita, Joy_Stique, LawrieBird, NershNersh, PearlTeese, & SuttonFister. TwitchCon Las Vegas brought together hundreds of streamers, gamers, enthusiasts and even gaming industry professionals for three days. The TwitchRivals, also in this edition, thrilled spectators in Apex Legends and Minecraft tournaments, while various companies gave the opportunity to try new devices and new video games, such as the new Meta Quest 3 and the highly anticipated Asgard’s Wrath 2.

But not only that: TwitchCon was also yet another opportunity to substantiate the importance that the representation of all the different sensitivities that coexist within the service has for Twitch. Streamers from different communities had the opportunity to share their experiences through panels and meetings, providing support to anyone who needed it, and celebrating the unity of communities such as the LGBTQIA and BIPOC, making these three days in Las Vegas proof of the inclusiveness and commitment to ensuring that Twitch continues to be a welcoming and safe place for everyone. The latest edition of TwitchCon saw an unprecedented number of sponsors and brands: for example Honda, which brought people directly into its Hondaverse, Dunkin’ Meta, Sony, Shell, Doritos, Prime Video.