Twitter changes logo: Dogecoin dog instead of bird

For several hours now, Twitter has replaced the traditional logo depicting the bluebird (the blue bird), with the Doge, or a popular meme that represents a dog, specifically a Shiba Inu, which has also become a symbol of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency.

Elon Musk and the Dogecoin

After the update, it is Elon Musk himself who publishes a meme on his profile, with the Doge who, at the wheel of a car, is stopped by a policeman who verifies his identity, while the dog explains to the officer that the one on the document is an old photo (where the bluebird is portrayed). The owner of Tesla is not new to endorsing the cryptocurrency linked to the Doge, with the value of the Dogecoin increasing by 30% in just a few minutes, rising from 8 to 11 cents.

The birth of the meme

The meme depicting Kabosu, a female Shiba Inu with a complete pedigree, made its appearance on the internet in 2010 and quickly became very popular, reaching its peak in 2013, when it also became the logo of the cryptocurrency. Usually the memes of the Doge, and its variants, are accompanied by phrases in deliberately approximate English that express sarcasm towards the user on duty.