Twitter, Elon Musk entrusts choice poll on his resignation: “I will respect it”

Elon Musk launches a new poll to his 122 million Twitter followers. “Should I resign as head of Twitter?”, Writes the new owner of the social network who assures: “I will stick to the results of this survey”. Time is limited and the survey expires at 1 pm, Italian time. The billionaire is not new to initiatives of this kind: after asking the users of the platform if he should readmit Trump on Twitter or restore the accounts of suspended journalists, Musk puts his future at stake in the new survey. A few minutes after the survey, another controversial post: “Be careful what you wish for, because it could happen”, he wrote.

Stop promoting other social networks, then the clarification

Meanwhile, the company in a note announced important changes. Twitter will not allow users to promote their accounts on several rival social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. “It will no longer allow free promotion of specific social media platforms,” it reads. “Both at the tweet level, and at the account level, we will remove any free promotion of prohibited third party social media platforms, such as linking (i.e. using url) to any of the following platforms on Twitter or providing of your username without a url”. Users would then be prevented from, for example, posting “Follow me @username on Instagram,” Twitter points out. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey protests a one-word tweet: “Why?” Shortly after, Musk himself intervened and made a clarification: instead of considering individual tweets, the new policy would be limited to “suspend accounts only when the main purpose of that account is the promotion of competitors”.