Twitter, Musk suspends accounts of some journalists, then announces the restoration

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Elon Musk has announced that he will reinstate the Twitter accounts of several journalists who had been banned from his social media outlets and whom he accused of posing a threat to his family and jeopardizing his privacy. “People have expressed themselves. The accounts that have disclosed my position will see the suspension lifted from now on,” said the tycoon, owner of Tesla and SpaceX and of Twitter itself. The choice came after proposing a referendum among the members. Of the 3.9 million people who took part in the vote, Musk said, 59% voted to restore reporter accounts.

The suspension of journalists

The latest dispute dates back to last Wednesday, when Musk decided to suspend the @elonjet account, a social network created by a student who tracks the movements of his private jet. Musk on that occasion argued that the move was necessary, because someone, whom he called a “crazy stalker”, had managed to trace the movements of a car in Los Angeles carrying one of his children. Then yesterday, December 16 , Musk has also decided to suspend the accounts of some journalists of the New York Times, Washington Post, Cnn and some freelancers he accuses of sharing real-time coordinates on Musk’s location.

The instrument of the referendum on Twitter

It is not the first time that Musk has used the Twitter referendum tool to make decisions regarding the social network. In November, for example, the tycoon announced that he would restore most of the previously banned accounts, after his lightning referendum-survey among users (over 3 million votes collected) ended with 72% of “yes ” and almost 28% of “no”.