Twitter, no blue check: VIPs don’t take it well

From Fiorello to Barbara D’Urso, the stars seem to react to the news with ill-concealed irritation

The blue circle that ‘certifies identity’ becomes paid and sends many celebrities into a tailspin. And ‘what happened to the famous Twitter’s ‘blue tick’ that from today, by decision of Elon Muskwill no longer be granted unless on payment of eight euros per month. Homegrown stars, judging by the comments, they don’t seem to have taken it very well and, between irony and jokes, they reveal a certain irritation for the decision of the ‘patron’ of the social network. First among all Fiorello who, with the usual irony, does not send her to say: “You have unchecked me! Cursed you Elon… My fuck has checked. Know it!”, writes the star performer of ‘Viva Rai2!’ on the social during this morning’s live broadcast he caustically joked about the social news.

Not at all willing to pay the monthly ‘fee’ also appears Barbara D’Urso: “Good morning everyone with my new tick #colcuore. Bye bye Elon Musk”, writes the presenter. Several characters from the world of entertainment echoed her: “Dear Elon Musk, I’ll pay you everything only if you give me the Giallorossi check”, writes the Roma fan Naomi. “Even without #spuntablu we’ll meet face to face!”, mail Sergio Caputo. To complain about Marco Mengoni his fan page takes care of it: “No blue check. Thanks from the Elon scammers”, writes the account, posting Mengoni’s profile photo without the ‘blue circle’. Stefania Orlando is even more caustic: “In any case, I have never requested the #spuntablu because I never gave a damn about it, just to say!”, She specifies.

And if some world stars will have the privilege of being ‘certified’ because Elon Musk himself will take care of paying the monthly offering (from LeBron James to Stephen King), this preferential treatment will not even be up to Pope francesco, which thus finds itself deprived of the tick from today and -for this- even trending on Twitter. In fact, the news went around the world and was not appreciated by many of the millions of followers of the profile, who complain and comment asking Musk to reintroduce the check. For their peace of mind, it is legitimate to think that, presumably, the Pope will come to terms with it.