Twitter, record growth of users. Musk: “I hope the servers don’t melt”

Tesla CEO just took over social media for $ 44 billion and has already made a lot of talk. The published documents show growth at “historic highs” with an increase of 20%

The Verge has published a series of Twitter documents, probably to reassure advertisers, which show a 20% increase in users, a growth at “all-time highs”. Meanwhile, Musk is studying new ways to make cash. Among the hypotheses, a paid social network for everyone. The billionaire tweeted on his official account overnight: “Twitter usage hasn’t been that high. I hope the servers don’t break up ”.

The social away from the stock exchange

In essence, in the first seven days at the head of the social network, the head of Tesla has already broken a record: more than 15 million more unique users per day. Until now, Twitter had to publish this data every three months, as a company listed on the Nasdaq, but now that the Pretoria billionaire has bought 100% of the share package of the social, becoming the sole owner and, therefore, removing the social network from the Stock Exchange. , there are no longer these constraints.

Investors fleeing Twitter

Obviously, the suspicion that it is finalized information arises spontaneously since if users, as the cards say, are very loyal to Twitter, advertisers a little less and seem to flee from social media. Musk said the company had “a huge drop in revenue” due to “activist groups lobbying advertisers.”

Musk’s projects

The Verge is the first “unofficial” publication of data from the new era of Twitter. Others will follow. As in the next few days, rumors will follow on how Elon Musk intends to bring the company back into balance, putting the income statement in order. The blue check at eight euros is now a coincidence.