Twitter takes a step back, the blue check for super-VIPs returns

The blue check returns to Twitter, at least for super VIPs. Elon Musk reconsiders and takes a step on the decision to delete the free verified account for all celebrities who, after the sudden decision a few days ago, protested around the world. The Tesla owner has therefore decided to restore the blue Twitter check on the profiles of some characters: no specific indication has arrived on the selection criteria, but according to some specialized sites, these would be accounts with at least one million followers.

Musk’s new strategies

The blue tick, symbol of a verified account, was free until a few days ago. Today, however, anyone who wants to enrich their profile of the sign that guarantees authenticity and fame must pay Twitter $8 a month. Musk has gone from words to deeds and, as anticipated last year, has decided to implement the strategy dubbed ‘Twitter Blue’ to generate new revenue. And so the free accounts that had the tick lost it on Thursday. However, in three days only a very small part of the marked users signed up by paying the 8 dollars, less than 5% of the 407,000 interested profiles, according to some estimates in the sector. Without any particular explanation, other than a Tweet from the owner himself announcing that he would pay out of pocket for some accounts, a number of celebrities have independently regained the tick: names include those of writer Stephen King, NBA champion LeBron James and former US President Donald Trump.