Social network X, better known as Twitter, has struck a deal with Paris Hilton and her media company. The two companies will collaborate to create four original programs of video content per year, which will also include live shopping sessions. This is an agreement that also includes the creation of a custom hashtag for a word that Hilton had launched in 2019: “sliving”. A fusion of the terms “slaying” (killing, in the sense of ‘cool as hell’) and “living” (living), sliving should be Hilton’s new “that’s hot”, his unfailing slogan in the early 2000s.

What does the partnership between Hilton and X entail?

As explained by company spokesperson Joe Benarroch the live shopping experience will allow viewers of Hilton’s livestream to browse a catalog of products and then click through to the site to make purchases via the in-app browser. Recently, the platform began sharing with creators an unspecified percentage of revenue from advertisements that appear alongside paid and verified users’ posts. Hilton’s financial deal with X, which appears to be the first of its kind under Musk’s regime, works differently, and will have a two-year exclusivity.