Two dead financiers roped in the Julian Alps

The victims were 28 and 30 years old. The Udine prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation

Two rescuer financiers died as they roped up a route in the heart of the Western Julian Alps, on Monte Mangart, on the border between Italy and Slovenia. The lifeless bodies were found during the night at the base of the wall of the Piccolo Mangart di Coritenza, where since yesterday morning 28-year-old Giulio Alberto Pacchione and 30-year-old Lorenzo Paroni, both financiers in Tarvisio, had been climbing sixth degree which runs along the vertical North pillar. The two young men were in official training as financiers and they were expected in the barracks in the evening. The dynamics of the accident that occurred in service is being examined by the Udine Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Both were also part of the Cave del Predil station of the National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps: Lorenzo was to all intents and purposes already an Alpine Rescue Technician, while Giulio was an aspiring rescuer and would soon have to take the entrance exam to enter in the body. The dynamics of the accident are being examined by the investigators, but at an initial assessment it would have been a tragic fatality, with a probable collapse or detachment from above that dragged both down. It is currently impossible to estimate the time of the accident and at what point on the wall it occurred. The two were not reachable either via telephone devices or via radio devices that they had in tow.

Colleagues in the barracks around midnight went to Fusine Laghi and then near the Zacchi refuge, where their vehicle was parked. Once they reached the base of the wall on foot they found the bodies. The recovery of the two young men, still tied up in a rope, took place this morning with the Civil Protection helicopter and the bodies are in the Tarvisio morgue at the Plezzut Cemetery.

“They were two very good mountaineers. Everything good that can be said about them also as people must be said. I add that for me they were like two children”, said Luca Onofrio, station master of the Cave del Predil station of the Alpine Rescue. “All the women and all the men of the Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps embrace the families and friends of Lorenzo and Giulio on this day of pain”, added Maurizio Dellantonio, national president of the National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps. “We are close to the Cave del Predil station of the Alpine and Speleological Rescue and to the friends and fellow rescuers of the Guardia di Finanza also affected by this serious mourning. We will continue our rescue work and help to others also in memory of their precious contribution in these years of activity in Alpine Rescue”.