U-turn Brothers of Italy, via amendment on convicts. Conte attacks

The amendment to the Advances Decree canceled the incompatibility for positions in local administrations of those convicted of a crime against the Pa

According to what Adnkronos has learned, Fratelli d’Italia will withdraw – after protests from the Pd and M5S – theamendment to the Advances Decree which cancels the incompatibility for positions in local administrations of those who have been convicted also not finalized for a crime against the PA. The amendment saw Senator Salvo Pogliese as the first signatory.

“The amendments to articles 4-7-11-12-13-14 of Legislative Decree 39/13 presented had the exclusive purpose of eliminating the non-transferability of municipal councilors, councilors and mayors, in the two years following the end of their mandate, of positions in the investee companies of the same organization in which they had been elected. Likewise, the elimination of the impossibility for the presidents of the investee companies to be able to be appointed in other investee companies of the same organization was foreseen. These amendments were, moreover, fully shared by the same representatives of the local administrations”, says Pogliese.

Due to a mere clerical error in the text the art. was also provided for. 3, and for this reason the text as written was not agreed with the Party or with the group and does not represent the line of the Brothers of Italy. Therefore, I have immediately withdrawn the amendment”, announces the representative of Fratelli d’Italia.

“We caught the Brothers of Italy with their hands in the cookie jar. This morning we denounced their amendment for open the doors of the Municipalities to those convicted of corruption and crimes against the Public Administration: shame overwhelmed them and they had to announce the withdrawal of the amendment”, writes the president of the M5S Giuseppe Conte in a tweet, who concludes: “They justify themselves by talking about a ‘mistake’. The reality is that we have stopped yet another ‘corrupt-saving’ law. Let’s not allow anyone to trample on the value of legality!”.