U2, by popular demand, extends its residency concert in Las Vegas

U2 have announced additional dates for their residency concert at the Sphere in Las Vegas. 11 dates scheduled for 2024 have therefore been added, thus bringing the total number of shows by the Irish band to 36.

Vocalist Bono, guitarist The Edge, bassist Adam Clayton and drummer Bram van den Berg will return to the stage on January 26, 2024. The last scheduled performance will take place on February 18
The event in Las Vegas is titled U2:UV Achtung Baby Live. The announcement of the addition of new shows came last Thursday, October 19th.
The residency in Las Vegas began on September 29 in the location which houses a 16K circular LED screen and 167,000 speakers inside a sphere over 111 meters high. This property is located east of the Las Vegas Strip. Of the Technologically Advanced Sphere Venue, U2 said: “What a classy place.”

Many celebrities were in attendance for the first show, including Jon Hamm, Elizabeth Banks, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Orlando Bloom and Paul McCartney.
During opening night, the band paid several homages to the city of Las Vegas by recalling legendary icons that have left an indelible mark on the city itself. Images of Elvis Presley were then projected. “Elvis definitely hasn’t left this building,” Bono, 63, joked.
Images of the Irish band members were also shown on the walls of the sphere, with their images inside bubbles on screens and in various cubes.

Many U2 ​​hits played in Las Vegas

For shows in Las Vegas, the group has a setlist that includes hits like Believe, This Is Not a Rehearsal, It Could Never Happen Here And Even Better Than the Real Thing. U2 also performed One, With or Without You, Where the Streets Have No Name and their new single, Atomic City, dedicated to the city of Las Vegas, which in the 1950s was called Atomic City to attract “atomic tourism”. At that time, in fact, many tourists came to Las Vegas to admire the explosions and mushroom clouds detonations as part of the atomic tests being held in the surrounding desert.
As Charna Flam points out in the magazine Peopleduring the performance of the song With or Without You during the first night, Bono sang the lyrics to Nothing Compares 2 Uthe Prince song that the late Sinead O’Connor made famous in 1990. O’Connor, also Irish like Bono and his companions, died last July, aged 56.

The ones in Las Vegas are U2’s first live performances in 4 years

The spectacular location where U2 will perform until the end of February 2024, the Sphere, was lit up for the first time on the weekend of July 4, 2023, with projections of the American flag and fireworks as a backdrop.

Since then, the external dome has transformed into an eye, a basketball, the moon, the Earth and a pumpkin, just to name a few of the many objects into which the dome has transformed to the delight of those who looked at it .
The concert in Las Vegas is the first time U2 have performed live in four years. The video clip for the new song was also filmed in the Nevada city Atomic Citywhose filming dates back to the beginning of last September.
After its release, the song reached number one on the charts Billboard of digital sales of alternative songs.

The band is without drummer Larry Mullen

In September U2 performed for the first time since 1978 without drummer Larry Mullen, who is facing health problems. He was replaced by van den Berg, the drummer of the Dutch rock band Krezip.
Pre-sale for U2’s 2024 Las Vegas concert dates began last Thursday and will end on Saturday, October 21st. Tickets will be available for sale starting Wednesday 25 October.

Below you will find the new 11 dates of U2’s Las Vegas residency, expected early next year:

• Fri, January 26
• Sat, Jan. 27
• Wed, January 31
• Fri, February 2
• Sat, Feb. 3
• Wed, Feb 7
• Fri, February 9
• Sat, Feb. 10
• Thu, February 15
• Sat, Feb. 17
• Sun, February 18