U2, the new single Atomic City is out. Bono: “It’s a love song for the public”

A few hours before the start of the concerts at the Sphere in Las Vegas to celebrate the iconic album Achtung Babyreleased in 1991, the U2 they released the single Atomic City, recorded at Sound City in Los Angeles. The song is a letter addressed to the public and refers to the term coined for Las Vegas in the 1950s.

BONO: “It’s a love song for our audience”

Today, Friday 29 September, the Irish rock band will kick off the U2:UV concert series Achtung Baby Live at Sphere scheduled in the Nevada city to celebrate one of his most famous and appreciated records ever. Good, The Edge, Adam Clayton And Larry Mullern Jr. they will be the protagonists of twenty-five dates scheduled until December 16th.

To celebrate the start of the live dates, the band launched the single Atomic Citya term used to refer to Las Vegas in the 1950s when the city was promoted as a center for atomic tourism due to its proximity to the Nevada Test Site.

In conjunction with the release of the song, U2 have released the official video clip made in the center of Las Vegas where thirty-six years ago the band recorded that of I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking Forsecond single from the album The Joshua Tree. The video was directed by Ben Kutchins with creative direction from Tarik Mikou and Moment Factory Music.

Good (PHOTO) spoke about the song: “It’s a love song for our audience… ‘where you are is where I’ll be'”.

The single arrived a few months after the album’s release Songs of Surrenderr, which reached the top of the FIMI ranking of the best-selling records in Italy.

Here you are The text Of Atomic City by U2:

Come all you stars, falling out of the sky

Come all you angels, forgetting to fly

Come all who feel we’re not on our own

All UFOs, come on your way home

Alone, that’s no way to be carrying on


Are we betting on a future that’s long gone

in luck or in song

You just have to be right one more time than your wrong

Atomic City

Atomic City… (Atomic)

I’m free… where you are is where I’ll be

I’m free… so unexpectedly

Come all who serve above and below

Come all believers and all who don’t know

Come quick, Come soon, come ci comme ça

Let me dive into your eyes and blah blah blah

Guitar shaped pool with strings


Sinatra swings

A choir sings

Love is God and God is Love

And if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough

Atomic City

Atomic City…..

(Atomic sun for everyone … for everyone)

God doesn’t play he says

But he likes roulette

The wheel has not stopped spinning yet

I’m free… where you are is where I’ll be

I’m free… so unexpectedly

I’m free… I see what’s in front of me

And your freedom is contagious

What you’ve got I wanna be

I’m free.. it took me my whole life

I got the keys to the cages

I’m ready for bright light

I’m free… I came here for the fight

I’m front row in Las Vegas

And there’s a big one on tonight