U&D: “I never wanted to go through a pregnancy alone”, today reveals the sex of the baby

The former face of U&D in expectation: with a video reveals the sex of the baby but revealed: “I never wanted to face a pregnancy alone”

We met her in Men and women. She had come down the stairs in the guise of suitor within the program and has since become one of the most followed faces on social media. A few weeks ago, he revealed the good news to followers with a sweet video: she is pregnant. However, alongside wonderful news like this, there is a rather bitter one that the former suitor herself has revealed. “I never wanted to go through pregnancy alone“.

U&D: reveals the sex of the baby (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

However, this is a very happy moment for her. Something that is already changing her life allowing her to become a mother and therefore to experience greater joy. With a very sweet video published on social networks, lformer U&D suitor revealed the baby’s sex a few hours ago. Despite the fact that it was not an easy decision, of a sometimes painful period, she chose what she felt like doing and in 6 months she will be a mother for the first time.

The revelation of a few weeks ago and then the gender reveal: the former U&D suitor reveals the sex of the baby

Vittoria Deganello was one of Mattia Marciano’s U&D suitors. We met her right inside the dating show, and even away from the television studio cameras, after the shipwrecked story with the former tronista, Vittoria continued to be a very popular character on social media. And so, little by little, her community has expanded.

Today the former suitor and social influencer lives a very joyful moment that leads her to an important change in her life. Vittoria Deganello is pregnant. With a sweet video on social media, he made everyone participate in a very exciting moment. However, as she herself made it known after publishing a video a few weeks ago in which she announces to everyone that she is pregnant, the former U & D suitor bitterly faces this pregnancy alone.

In order to respond to a user, he said: “I never wanted to have to go through a pregnancy alone where I go to sleep and wake up in the morning with no one by my side“, He wrote in those lines that reveal on the one hand that sense of bitterness on the other the great courage to make a conscious and responsible choice. “I will do whatever is necessary for this creature to be born with all the love it needs and in the most absolute serenity“, He concluded.

Now, a few hours away separate us from a video posted on social media from Vittoria Deganello through which he let the social world know the sex of the baby.

U&D baby sex
Vittoria Deganello pregnant (Credits: Instagram)

Within the video that we find in her Official Instagram profile, we see Vittoria piercing the gender reveal balloon by herself. Certainly a touching image but which did not, however, take away from the future mother the immense emotion of that sweet moment, that in that instant she was surrounded by all the people who love her. Vittoria is expecting a girlwhich he will hold in his arms in 6 months!

There are many comments received in recent weeks under the posts she has published. Comments in solidarity with her that aim to encourage her because she will be a wonderful mom!