Udine, victory for the ‘extra large’ centre-left: first time for Schlein

The city wrested from the center-right in the ballot thanks to a ‘very wide field’ which saw Pd, Third Pole, left and M5S together. But IV Rosato slows down on the ‘Udine model’

It is the first electoral victory for Elly Schlein in her almost first two months as secretary of the Democratic Party. And the victory arrives in Udine, where an extra-large center-left wrested the city from the center-right and beat the outgoing mayor of the League, Pietro Fontanini. A ‘very wide field’ which saw the Third Pole, Pd, left and M5S together. “A nice team effort,” comments Schlein.

“A wonderful news, the victory of Alberto Felice De Toni in Udine. And it is a great satisfaction for all and all those who have accompanied him on this journey. A victory – the secretary of the Pd writes on twitter – built thanks to a good job best wishes from the whole democratic community to Alberto Felice De Toni”. For Debora Serracchiani “the centre-left” must “restart from Udine”. Not very simple.

Ettore Rosato di Iv writes on social media: “Happy for the victory of Alberto Felice De Toni mayor of Udine. We have built a good project for the city and have chosen the right profile”. And then, when asked by Adnkronos, he adds: “Udine model? De Toni was our candidacy from the Third Pole to which the Democratic Party then came”. And the support of the 5 Stars was added to the ballot. “It wasn’t an organic alliance.”