Udinese-Bologna 3-0, Friulian trio and Motta stops

Goals from Pereyra, Lucca and Payero: the Bianconeri return to success after 2 months

Udinese beat Bologna 3-0 in the match scheduled for today 30 December for the 18th matchday of the 2023-2024 Serie A. Third defeat of the season for the Emilians. The Friulians returned to winning the three points after 6 rounds and almost two months (since the 1-0 win over Milan at San Siro on 4 November) thanks to goals from Pereyra in the 23rd minute, Lucca in the 48th minute and Payero in the 52nd minute. In the standings, the rossoblu coached by Thiago Motta remain stationary at 31 in fifth place, while the bianconeri move up to 15th place with 17 points.

The match

The first opportunity of the match was given by Zirkzee in the 4th minute. The Dutchman starts from the right side, centers himself ready to provide the assist in depth, but is stopped at the last minute by the Friulian rearguard. In the 18th minute Lovric tries a violent right-footed shot from distance, a double deflection and Skorupski who avoids the corner kick by making the ball his own. In the 22nd minute, a double opportunity for the hosts: Ebosele comes back on the left foot and shoots, Skorupski blocks badly but then gets excited about Kamara’s rebound.

A minute passes and the Bianconeri break the deadlock. Payero crosses from distance with his right foot and calls Skorupski again, this time he is ready on the rebound Pereyra who, with his right foot, beats the goalkeeper and makes it 1-0. On the half hour mark, a personal initiative from Payero who slips between two opponents and finishes from distance with his right foot: a trajectory that doesn’t lower enough. In the 37th minute, chance for Zirkzee: long shot into the area, header for the right-footed volley from the Dutchman who shoots high over the crossbar.

In the 3rd minute of the second half Udinese doubled their lead: Pereyra prepares for Lovric’s shot who shoots badly but his right-footed shot becomes an assist for Lucca who, in a regular position, corrects it into the net and beats Skorupski again. In the 8th minute the home team scored a hat-trick: a deep ball for Ebosele who crossed to the centre, a deflection raised the ball and became inviting for the right-footed volley from Payero hits the goalkeeper from the edge and makes it 3-0.

At 10′ Motta makes a quadruple change: Posch, Moro, Kristiansen and Saelemaekers come out, Lucumí, Aebischer, Fabbian and Orsolini come on. The Italian-Brazilian coach also switches to a three-man defense but these changes do not change the game. In the 14th minute Udinese scores again with Lucca but everything is stopped due to offside: Payero took too long to serve him in depth and the 23-year-old attacker ends up offside.

The home team manages the match without problems, with the Bolognese completely out of phase and unable to react. In the 26th minute Fabbian plays for Orsolini’s left-footed shot, whose shot lacks the necessary power and is easy prey for Okoye. In the 37th minute, Zirkzee made a strong intervention who, having already been booked, risks ending the match prematurely. Red that arrives a few minutes later for a member of the Bologna bench, team manager Fini, after some protests. In the 43rd minute Fabbian tries to head but misses the target. In injury time Aebischer finds himself with the ball placed on 15 metres, a left-footed player who narrowly misses the target.