Uefa accepts Marciniak’s apology, he will referee the Champions League final

The Polish whistleblower had attended an event organized in Katowice by the anti-Semitic and homophobic far-right: “Completely unaware of the true nature of the event, I apologize”

There UEFA accepts “sincere apologies and clarifications” from referee Szymon Marciniak, who will be able to take charge of the Champions League final scheduled for June 10 in Istanbul between Manchester City and Inter. This is what UEFA communicates in a statement, which “diligently investigated the allegations relating to Marciniak’s participation in an event organized in Katowice on May 29” by the Polish far right. “The allegations have been taken with the utmost seriousness by UEFA and the entire football community, who unequivocally reject the values ​​promoted by a group linked to this conference,” reads the statement, which acknowledges the apology of the referee.

“I hope this statement reaches all concerned, especially those who are rightly alarmed and disappointed by my participation in the Everest event organized in Katowice on May 29, 2023. I wish to offer my heartfelt apologies for my participation and any inconvenience or damage it may have caused – says the referee – Upon reflection and further investigation, it is evident that I was seriously misled and that I was completely unaware of the true nature and of the affiliations of the event in question. I didn’t know that he was linked to a Polish far-right movement. Had I known about it, I would have categorically refused the invitation. It is important to understand that the values ​​promoted by this movement are completely contrary to my personal ideas and the principles I strive to have in life. I feel deep remorse if the perception is that my participation may have contradicted them.”