UEFA, Ceferin re-elected president: “There is no room for cartels”

“Our model is based on sporting merit which cannot be an acquired right. The gap between rich and poor clubs must not grow, we need the middle class”

Aleksander Ceferin was confirmed president of UEFA for another four years, until 2027. The 55-year-old Slovenian, the only candidate at the 47th Ordinary Congress of the European Football Federation underway in Lisbon, was elected by acclamation. Ceferin was voted for the first time on 14 September 2016, then the first reconfirmation on 7 February 2019, on the occasion of the 43rd Ordinary Congress held in Rome. In his speech in Lisbon there were no shortage of references to the football Super League.

“Football has changed, it is a mirror of society. We are rushing towards galloping globalization and all of this implies benefits and risks, let’s not forget that. European football is already global, we are paying the price. There has been an attempt to create a new model from the one we know so well. Our model is based on sporting meritalways” Ceferin articulated.

“Merit cannot be an acquired right, it can only be earned, season after season – added the 55-year-old Slovenian – There is no room for signson this continent. We believe we have made it clear, all together. Football is part of our roots, it is the last public asset to be privatised. It belongs to everyone who loves this wonderful sport. We must ensure that everyone’s interest prevails over that of private individuals”.

Furthermore, “we have to thank that there is the Eca to support us and for this I thank Nasser (Al Khelaifi, the president of Eca and Paris Saint Germain ed), this football model is important and this cooperation is extraordinary. We must understand that the middle class it is essential to maintain balance, both in society and in football.”

If the gap between rich and poor clubs continues to growif we do nothing about the decline of the middle class – as in society – the model is in danger and the whole pyramid risks falling – he underlined – This is the reason why we have, in the last two years, set up a solidarity mechanism, inserting a new competition so as to admit as many clubs as possible to the beautiful UEFA evenings. The Conference launch was a success. Saving the middle class is the real challenge“.