UEFA earthquake, Boban announces resignation

The decision “reluctantly for Ceferin’s new candidacy”

Zvonimir Boban leaves UEFA. The organization itself writes this in an official note, communicating the resignation of the head of the professional area of ​​the organisation. “UEFA wishes to announce the departure of Zvonimir Boban from the organization by mutual agreement,” he read. “Boban joined the organization in 2021 as Chief of Football and has initiated several significant projects in technical development, including the creation of the UEFA Football Board and the Youth Football Forum. UEFA expresses its gratitude to Mr Boban and wishes him well luck for his future career endeavors.”

“I spoke and discussed with the president of UEFA” Aleksandr Ceferin “regarding a problem that arose during the last meeting of the Executive in Hamburg. It is a proposal to the Congress next February, to modify the statute and allow the same President to be able to run again after this mandate which was supposed to be his last. After having expressed my greatest concern and my total disagreement, the President replied to me that there is no legal or even moral ethical problem for him and that he would have pursued his aspiration without any doubt,” Boban wrote in his resignation letter.

“Paradoxically, in 2017 it was Ceferin himself who proposed and launched a package of reforms that clearly denied this possibility: rules that were supposed to protect UEFA and European football from ‘bad governance’, for years the modus operandi of the entire old system. It was an extraordinary thing for football and also for Ceferin himself. This detachment from those values ​​by canceling the most important reforms is surprising and incomprehensible, especially at this moment. I understand well that nothing is ideal, least of all me, and I know well that we must accept the logic of compromise, but faced with this fact, if I accepted it, I would be going against the common principles and values ​​that I firmly believe in. And I’m not being a phenomenon, because I’m certainly not the only one who thinks this way. In these three Over the years, the relationship and collaboration with Aleksander and all my colleagues at UEFA has been excellent. I thank them for this and wish them all the best. I’m very sorry but, reluctantly, I’m leaving UEFA.”