Uefa reiterates no to Superlega, meeting with black smoke

Meeting in Nyon between the leaders of the European confederation and the CEO of A22 Sports

Uefa reiterates its no to the Super League in a meeting that ends, as expected, with a black smoke between the parties. “Today in Nyon, Uefa accepted a meeting request from A22 Sports, a private commercial company, offering it the opportunity to contact all the representative authorities of European football. Uefa leaders, led by president Aleksander Ceferin, and senior leagues representatives national teams, clubs, players and fans reiterated that opposition to the self-proclaimed Super League remains as firm as in April 2021 “. Thus Uefa in a note published on its official website at the end of the meeting with Bernd Reichart, CEO of A22 Sports, a company with the aim of defending and promoting the Super League project.

“Confirming the unity of European football, Uefa and the other stakeholders have once again unanimously rejected the logic behind projects such as ESL – continues the statement from the European Football Federation -. The participants took note, with surprise, of the statements of the CEO of A22 Sports, according to which this company does not represent any club in any capacity, including the three that continue to openly support the project. UEFA and its stakeholders remain committed to the fundamentals of European football, which are based on openness, solidarity and meritocracy and pursue broader objectives relating to sporting principles and social interest, rather than personal privileges and rights. This approach was unanimously supported by the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Assembly Parliamentary member of the Council of Europe, as well as national governments, public institutions and stakeholders from all over the con tinente “.

“It was positive to meet Uefa, we are happy that they accepted our invitation to an open exchange. It is a signal for clubs and fans in Europe that there is a need for discussion and this is important. I will continue my commitment with club and ownership in the coming months. The work carried out in this period shows that there is a need for change and concrete ideas. From the meeting we leave with the impression that the status quo is satisfactory for Uefa, a position confirmed by what has been the dominant player for football competitions since 1955. A monopoly structure that is now under review by the Court of Justice and a decision is expected by spring 2023, “Reichart said in a statement.

The meeting was also attended by Nasser Al-Khelaifi (president of Eca), Javier Tebas (president of Liga), Ronan Evain (representative of the fans), Jonas Baer-Hoffmann (FifPro). During today’s meeting in Switzerland, the parties talked about the governance of European competitions and what A22 defines “the failure of club competitions to reach its maximum potential. The intention is to carry on competitions based on merit. sportsman with a fundamental role also of the national leagues, which would be complementary for a new format “.

Reichart concludes by underlining that “freedom of speech and exchange of ideas are fundamental rights and A22 will carry out with every effort its ideas to reform football, based on the views of property, fans, players, leagues, institutions and all other parties involved “.