Ufo, Bibolotti (Cifas): “U.S. transparency? Pioneers in Italy cataloging sightings”

The president of the Council of the International Federation of Advanced Studies comments on the choice of the Pentagon to launch Aaro, a site for reporting “Unidentified Flying Objects”

An ad hoc site, accompanied by photos and videos, which allows US citizens to report UFO sightings throughout the country. This is the novelty promoted by the Pentagon, which launched Aaro, the “Office for the resolution of anomalies of all domains”, which collects reports of unidentified objects guaranteeing users maximum transparency. “In Italy a similar system exists already, and it is managed by the Arma dei Carabinieri, which ensures that citizens’ reports are forwarded to the General Security Department which has been dealing with reports of these sightings since 1978”. So to Adnkronos Vladimiro Bibolotti, ufologist and president of Cifas (Council of the International Federation of Advanced Studies), commenting on the Pentagon breakthrough.

“Among other things, we Italians are the holders of a small record: we were the first to collect and classify these sightings, a work begun in 2002 which also allowed us to have an authoritative database on a phenomenon about which many are skeptical “, continues Bibolotti. “Today the UFO phenomenon is recognized: we have the director of the astrophysics department of Harvard University who testifies to the presence of these objects, clearly not human”.

The approach to this reality, adds the director of Cifas, varies between Italy and the United States. “We have entrusted the reports to very well-prepared people: we are talking about Air Force generals, some of whom later also became directors of Cifas, which is an advanced and recognized study center. The United States has been dealing with the phenomenon for some time, it must be said, however, that the reports from citizens very often have nothing to do with the so-called UAP ‘unidentified anomalous phenomena'”. In this sense, Bibolotti speaks of consolidated statistics: “For example, in Italy, 80% of the reports that occur are actually not what people think they have seen. There is still 20% to explain: a good 15% find a logical and verified solution for the sighting; however, there remains a 5% who can be enrolled in phenomena that are not of a human nature and which must be investigated, because this is a very important issue for all of society”.