Ufo, Cun: “San Marino willing to host UN international conference”

The Great and General Council, the San Marino parliament, discussed and voted on the ‘Istance of Arengo’ (a request addressed to the Captains Regent on the basis of an ancient law of popular initiative) jointly proposed by the Italian National UFO Center (Cun) and by the ‘International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research (ICER), institutions both directed by aerospace journalist Roberto Pinotti, who for three decades has coordinated the annual World Symposium on UFOs on Titan with success and consensus under the aegis of the Government. “Considering the blatant recognition of the reality of UFOs indicated since 2021 by the Pentagon as “an objective, intelligent, advanced technological reality of unknown origin”, this Instance dedicated to the so-called “Project Titan” (https://icer.network/2022/ 01/31/project-titan/) provides that San Marino will ask the UN to create an Office destined to organize a world conference that periodically takes stock of the studies of the UFO phenomenon at an international level, to be held under the aegis of the Nations United in the territory, and this – the Cun pointed out – in the light of the traditional Symposium organized by the Italian Cun (a body founded in 1967) today supported by the Icer, a Non Governmental Organization born in 2021 and made up of experts from over 30 countries on 5 continents “.

The Secretary of State for Tourism Federico Pedini Amati “defined it in the classroom as a very interesting project, and specified -adds the Cun’s note- that the Government’s indication is favourable, underlining the media, tourist and commercial advantages deriving from the initiative Interest and curiosity dominated the interventions, and the Instance – the text of which, edited with Pinotti by Paolo Guizzardi – was approved by a majority. Thanks to the forward-looking choice of Parliament, the Government of San Marino was therefore formally mandated to proceed and therefore the initiative opens up new scenarios, unsuspected and more important than one might think, and Cun and Icer are deeply grateful for this.As the US-Israeli scientist Avi Loeb of Harvard University recently stated, if one is really faced with extraterrestrial spaceships, all of this certainly cannot individually interest the various countries that have been institutionally addressing the question for some time but the whole of humanity, represented by the United Nations and open to new challenges and perspectives.