Ugly fright for Rosa Perrotta: her son has to do with it, what happened

Bad scare for Rosa Perrotta for her son Ethan: the rush to the hospital was inevitable, what exactly happened.

There are many tronista who have alternated in the TV studio of Men and Women, but no one has ever been able to capture the attention as Rosa Perrotta. Arrived in Maria De Filippi’s program to find the love of her in her life, the young influencer not only managed to hit her goal, becoming a mother of two beautiful children, but she also managed to enter everyone’s heart.

Rosa Perrotta Instagram. Credits: Instagram

Although being a mother is the most beautiful ‘job’ in the world, it must be said that it is absolutely not a trivial matter. Unfortunately, the ‘unexpected events’ are always around the corner and the worries are completely interminable. “Little children, little problems. Big children, big problems ”, she says to herself. This is precisely what has happened in the past few hours to Rosa Perrotta and Pietro Tartagliano, who immediately had to rush to the hospital because of their son.

Ugly fright for Rosa Perrotta, who – as widely documented on her official Instagram channel – had to run to the hospital with little Ethan, her eldest son. What happened?

Rosa Perrotta, bad scare for little Ethan: what happened

Not only ‘details’ of her new home and style tips, but also real stories of everyday life: this is what Rosa Perrotta does on her official Instagram channel, entertaining her supporters. Whether they are IG Story shots that show her working life and her travels or that reveal her days as a mother, the former tronista of Men and Women has a very open relationship with her supporters, telling them everything that happens. It is precisely for this reason that she could not help but tell the bad scare lived. “The face of those who have not found peace for 48 hours. We are going to the hospital “, this is how Rosa Perrotta begins to tell what has happened in the last few hours.

From what we learn from his story, it would seem that the beloved influencer became aware of some bubbles present on Ethan’s body by pure chance. And that she promptly, under the advice of her pediatrician, she was forced to take him to the ER. “He didn’t complain of itching or discomfort. I noticed it because from the shirt with the moon sleeve I noticed the skin reddened like a mosquito bite “, began to tell. Fortunately, the alarm went away immediately once they went to the hospital. It is not an allergy, but an urticaria due to the feverish state that the little one has suffered in recent days.

Back home, Rosa Perrotta wanted to reassure all her fans about Ethan’s health, saying he was fine.

scared pink perrotta
Squad IG Story. Credits: Instagram

Big good luck to little Ethan!