UK, explosion in front of a Liverpool hospital: three arrests for terrorism

Three young men aged 29, 26 and 21 were arrested by police in Liverpool for violating the British Terrorism Act in connection with the explosion of a bomb that left one dead and one injured in the afternoon.

All the slopes remain open

The blast hit a taxi in front of the Liverpool Women’s Hospital in the English city. The Merseyside Police had initially ruled out a terrorist, political or religious matrix and for now continues to remain cautious on the investigative trail, limiting itself to saying that it is “open” to various options.

The dynamics

The incident occurred just before noon, but the news was released only later. The explosion caused a fire inside a taxi where a passenger died. Injured the driver, whose life does not appear in danger at the moment. While another person appears to have managed to get away from the vehicle before the flames spread. Meanwhile, the hospital and the surrounding area remain cordoned off, with a strong presence of police and firefighters. A Merseyside Police executive specified that the victim is being identified and that access to the hospital remains “restricted until further notice”. He also called on citizens to be “calm, but alert”.