UK, man finds live snake in supermarket broccoli

There’s a man who buys broccoli and finds a snake in it… It might sound like the beginning of a joke, but that’s what happened in the UK to Neville Linton, 63, from Stourbridge, in the West Midlands. The man had bought a bag of broccoli from Aldi and placed it in the fridge. After three days he decided to cook those broccoli, but inside the bag he found a snake alive and well. So Linton decided to go back to Aldi. Here the clerk at first thought he was joking, but immediately changed his mind when he saw the snake move. How did this story end? With a claim for damages.

Phobia for snakes

“It was really scary. I’m not good with snakes,” said Mr. Linton, a father of three. “It’s lucky he didn’t leave the broccoli in the kitchen, otherwise he would have gone out and gone who knows where. The reptile which is a ‘ladder snake’ was later taken to Dudley Zoo. The 63-year-old said he was offered compensation , but now he is pushing for more. The amount offered by Aldi, he explains, does not compensate him for the risk to his disabled son and mother-in-law who suffers from some pathologies. In addition, Neville explained that he has a a real phobia of snakes, therefore the emotional impact of the story must also be evaluated.