Ukraine, 007 Gb: “Russians stopped in Donbass, situation will not change soon”

“No major Russian efforts to advance on Zaporizhzhia and Kharkiv”

“The last week has seen only minimal changes in territorial control along the front line. In Donbass, after small advances since the beginning of August, Russian forces have approached the outskirts of the city of Bakhmut, but have not yet raided. in the built-up area. The situation is unlikely to change significantly in the next week. ” This is what British intelligence writes in the usual update on the situation of the war in Ukraine, stating that “the Russian forces, for now, are probably only ready to undertake limited local assaults, rarely involving more than one troop company”.

“Russia has not made great efforts to advance in the sectors of Zaporizhzhia or Kharkiv”, British intelligence also said, noting that “in the southwest neither the Russian forces nor the Ukrainian forces advanced on the front line in Kherson”. “However, the increasingly frequent explosions behind Russian lines are likely putting a strain on Russian logistics and air bases in the south,” a tweet read.

UKRAINE, TWO OTHER SHIPS DEPARTED: ONE DIRECT TO VENICE – This morning two more ships loaded with agricultural products left the Ukrainian port of Chernomorsk. This was announced by the Turkish Ministry of Defense, according to which the ship Zumrut Ana, with 6,300 tons of sunflower oil, is headed to Venice, while the Ocean, loaded with 25 thousand tons of wheat, is headed to the port of Marmara near Istanbul. .