Ukraine, 007 Kiev: “We know where Putin and Prigozhin are in real time”

Ukrainian military intelligence spokesman: “We don’t want to kill them, we want to bring them to court”

THE Ukrainian intelligence services know the whereabouts of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin and “often monitor them in real time”. “Despite all efforts to hide this information” and the use of “various technologies, including lookalikes”, it is something “that cannot be hidden,” he says Ukrainian military intelligence spokesman Andriy Yusovin an interview with the Interviewed by the Kyiv Post

“Of course, we know where they are,” Yusov says, stressing that there is no intention to assassinate Putin or Prigozhin. “All war criminals must be punished – he explains -, as a civilized state Ukraine is interested in that the punishment takes place within the framework of international law and before an international tribunal“.

“The Hague is waiting to have Putin alive behind bars in court. In this context, the number one priority for Ukraine and military intelligence is to get Putin to The Hague for it to be tried in court,” he explained.

The behavior of Yevgeny Prigozhin, his attacks on Russian military leaders, are all functional to position himself at the top of post-Putin Russiacertainly not to replace Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, according to Yusov’s analysis.

“For Prigozhin it is not enough to become Russian defense minister” because it would be like becoming “captain of a ship that has already sunk”, Yusov explains to the Kyiv Post. “What interests Prigozhinthe people who cooperate with him and some of the inhabitants of the Kremlin towers it is the political future in post-Putin Russia. To be at the top, to survive both politically and literally in post-Putin Russia, maintaining opportunity and wealth is what these people are interested in,” Yusov notes.