Ukraine against Elon Musk, new episode: “He wants us to surrender to the Russian genocide”

Presidential advisor Podolyak’s harsh response to the American billionaire patron of

New clash between Uraina and Elon Musk. Ukrainian presidential advisor Mykhailo Podolyak responded harshly to the American billionaire who, in a discussion on his social network occupied in Ukraine.

“Musk believes that Ukraine’s surrender to the knife of the instigators of the Russian genocide will lead to the end of the war and ‘eternal peace,'” Podolyak wrote on social media. “It is a catastrophic mistake. Refusal to support Ukraine would not end the war, but would lead to an inevitable increase in conflicts in the world, the end of the era of international law, the collapse of the international economy and the triumph of evil forces,” he he added.

Musk and Ukraine, ups and downs

The relationship between Ukraine and Musk has been going through ups and downs since the beginning of the war that began 600 days ago. The tycoon made the Starlink satellite network available to Kiev, which allowed Ukraine to keep communications active – military and otherwise – despite the Russian bombings having devastated the infrastructure. Musk, however, has periodically fueled discussions and on more than one occasion has referred to the possibility of referendums in the regions that Russia has occupied. As a ‘bonus’, Musk has in the past taken for granted the attribution of Crimea to Russia.

Musk also ended up at the center of a purely military affair. He allegedly ‘sabotaged’ a Ukrainian attack on Russia’s Black Sea fleet by ‘turning off’ satellites over Crimea, depriving Kiev of essential cover. The number 1 of Space prohibited,” Musk explained in a post.

The clarification came in response to a message from Walter Isaacson, the author of the Musk biographical book that revealed how the billionaire denied the Ukrainians cover for the Crimea drone attack. “To clarify,” Isaacson wrote, “the Ukrainians believed the cover worked all the way to the Crimea, but it didn’t. They asked Musk to make it possible so they could conduct an underwater drone attack on the Russian fleet. Musk did not allowed because he thought, probably correctly, that it would cause a bigger war.”