Ukraine, analysis: Putin and the Russian army, relationship in crisis

Moscow forced to rely more and more on militias

In Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin “always relies on irregular volunteer forces” more than on regular units of the Russian armed forces “, writes the American think tank Institute for the study of war (ISW), underlining the” worsening of relations. “between Putin and the military leaders.

ISW recalls having already reported in the past that “Putin bypassed the Russian military high command and the leaders of the Defense Ministry during the summer, and especially after the defeat in the Kharkiv oblast”. “Putin’s worsening relations with military commands and the Ministry of Defense may partly explain the Kremlin’s growing focus on recruiting ill-trained volunteers into ad hoc irregular units instead of placing them in the reserve or as a replacement for regular unit fighters.” , points out the think tank in its daily bulletin.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin’s talks with leaders of other countries, including those of the EU, are constructive and in the name of mutual respect. This is what Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, quoted by Ria Novosti, assured: “Despite the fact that we have included a number of countries in the list of hostile countries, on the basis of their hostile measures, there is still communication with some of them. Without communication, without negotiations, it is impossible to achieve these relationships. And these are always quite constructive conversations, “Peskov said.

Asked if there is harsh language on the Russian side, the Kremlin spokesman replied dryly, “absolutely”. “There are harsh statements from both sides, but with a tone of mutual respect,” he stressed.