Ukraine asks for F-16s and Biden says no: the scenario can change

Kiev needs planes, not the US president. But the Pentagon is skeptical: will the refusal be canceled?

The Pentagon has greeted with skepticism President Joe Biden’s blunt refusal to send F-16s to Ukraine, writes the Washington Post. Kiev is asking for new weapons to be used in the war with Russia. Given the recurrence of the White House’s initial refusal to send any weapon systems requested by Kiev, the scenario in which the warplane transfer will eventually be given the green light is anticipated. They even coined a term: a decision that is “M1-ed,” in reference to the Administration’s reversal of the M1 Abrams tank position. Furthermore, the division is deepening in the Department of Defense between those who are in favor of sending more military aid to Ukraine and those who maintain a more cautious approach, such as the secretary, Lloyd Austin.

“Each stage of the war requires certain weapons. The accumulation of Russian reserves in the occupied territories requires specifics from Ukraine and its partners. So: 1) There is already a coalition for tanks (logistics, training, supply). 2) There are already talks on longer-range missiles and the supply of attack aircraft,” Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak wrote on Twitter.