Ukraine, attacks in Russia? “We can get to the Kremlin”

Kiev intelligence does not rule out actions on the territory of Russia

Ukrainian intelligence does not rule out attacks on Russian territory, against barracks and training centers. This was stated by Vadym Skibitsky, deputy head of military intelligence. “If we can reach Engels, we can reach the Kremlin too,” he said, referring to the Russian airbase hit by a drone strike.

As “a powerful build-up of Russian troops” is underway, with mobilized reserves moving from Russia’s Rostov oblast and occupied Crimea, Russian barracks and training grounds may also be hit because “sooner or later, from these barracks, they will go to the front to attack our villages, our cities”, said Skibitsky quoted by Ukrainska Pravda, recalling that missiles against Ukraine are also launched from Russian territory.

Commenting on the fact that the Russians have placed air defense systems near the Kremlin, but not at the Engles base, which was hit by a drone attack on December 26, Skibitskiy then said: “This means that if we can reach Engels, we can also reach the Kremlin”. The Engels base is located 750 km away from the Ukrainian border.