Ukraine, Biden in Congress: “Yes to funding or Putin will have his best gift”

Pressure from the president to release the 61 billion in military aid and assistance to Kiev

Joe Biden recalls the US Congress urging it to vote in favor of financing Ukraine or – he warns – we will give Putin “the greatest gift he could hope for”. Speaking from the White House, the US president urged lawmakers to approve the funding before the start of the Christmas recess.

“Frankly, I think it’s astounding that we’ve gotten to this point”: Congressional leaders – Biden notes – are “willing to give Putin the greatest gift he could hope for and abandon our global leadership”.

“Who is willing to give up calling Putin to account for his responsibilities? Who is willing to do it?” asks the US president. “We cannot let Putin win, it is in our overriding national interest and in the international interest of all our friends,” he adds, then points the finger at extremist Republicans in Congress who are “playing to challenge our national security” and “holding Ukraine’s funding hostage.”

Republican leaders in the Senate have asked their colleagues to block, in the procedural vote taking place today in the chamber, the measure containing the 61 billion in military aid and assistance to Ukraine because the package does not include their immigration and asylum requests.

Yermak: “Defeat without US funds”

A scenario that scares Kiev. Ukraine faces potential defeat in the event of a depletion of American funds at the end of the year, is the alarm of the head of the Ukrainian presidential office, Andrii Yermak. “And of course” the lack of funds from Washington “makes it impossible to continue liberating Ukrainian territory and brings with it the risk of losing the war,” Yermak continued, quoted by Voice of America. The head of the Ukrainian presidential office then asked the American Congress to approve the billion-dollar package that has been blocked since October, ensuring that Kiev has finalized military plans for next year.

Zelensky: “We fight to survive the invader”

Meanwhile, today Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, on Armed Forces Day, celebrated the soldiers fighting on the front. “Today is a special day for all of us, a special holiday of special people, brave and hardened warriors. The strongest sons and daughters of Ukraine, defending the Motherland on land, in the air, on water, in all the directions, with all their forces. All this is you, our Ukrainian armed forces,” Zelensky chanted.

“Seeing your eyes, seeing your gaze, this is something that speaks very eloquently about the war without unnecessary words. It speaks about our fighters, their experience, the pain, the courage, the comrades who were taken away by the war “The eyes that see the war see the evil, the wounds, the death, but they don’t look away. They are holding their positions, fighting for Ukraine,” he added.

Our defenders – he continued – are fighting “to ensure that despair never reigns in the eyes of Ukrainians, that Ukraine survives the fight against the invader, that we free our people from Russian occupation and captivity”.

“We are all proud of you. All of Ukraine is grateful to you! And our state will do absolutely everything to ensure that all generations of the Ukrainian people always remember and honor every life of every soldier, every hero offered on the battlefield for the good of Ukraine, our freedom, our future,” Zelensky added.

“This winter we can win the battle for energy”

“This winter we have the chance to win the battle for energy. Last year – Zelensky recalled -, Russia tried to hit Ukraine with a blackout: its missiles and Iranian Shahed drones, which have become a Russian terror weapon, they tried to destroy our energy sector. Now we are strengthening our air defenseespecially with your support, and if we continue to do so, if we vigorously survive this winter, Russian terrorism will suffer one of the greatest losses.”

“A strong air defense and strong energy – he underlined – are an opportunity for our cities to live, our economy to work and our people to return”.