Ukraine, Biden: “Putin in a very difficult position”

Media: “US President will do everything not to cross Putin at the G20”

The American president Joe Biden believes that Russian bombing of civilians in Ukraine is a demonstration of weakness by Russian President Vladimir Putin. “I think Putin is in an incredibly difficult situation.” The Russian leader is “trying to intimidate (the Ukrainians) into giving up. But they won’t,” Biden said, answering reporters’ questions.

Meanwhile, according to reports cited by the Guardian, the White House is taking “every possible step” to prevent the American president from having a direct meeting with his Russian counterpart at next month’s G20 in Bali. This is what reports cited by the Guardian report. American officials, it says, are taking steps to avoid even common photos or meetings in a corridor.

Biden said last week that he was ready to meet Putin at the G20 only if it served to free US basketball player Brittney Griner, in prison in Russia. But according to sources quoted by Politico, there is currently no contact between Washington and Moscow for the release of American prisoners in Russia, including Griner.