Ukraine, Biden: “The stakes go beyond, Putin threatens the entire NATO and must be stopped”

The US president urges Congress to refinance aid “or we will not be able to continue sending weapons and vital air defense systems”

The stakes of this battle are far beyond Ukraine: it affects the entire NATO alliance, the security of Europe and the future of transatlantic relations. Putin didn’t just try to destroy Ukraine, he also threatened some of our NATO allies.” This is what Joe Biden says in the statement released today by the White House to condemn last night’s Russian attacks.

“When dictators and autocrats are allowed to run wild in Europe, the risks that the United States will become directly involved increase and the consequences reverberate throughout the world”, says the American president, recalling that he has mobilized a coalition of “over 50 countries to support the defense of Ukraine”.

“Brutal attack tonight”

“Last night Russia launched its largest air attack in Ukraine since the beginning of the war”, underlines Biden condemning “Russia’s brutal attack” which “hit the maternity hospital, a shopping center, residential areas, killing dozens of innocent people and injuring dozens more.” And he underlines that this “reminds the world that, after almost two years of devastating war, Putin’s goals remain unchanged, he wants to destroy Ukraine and subjugate its people, he must be stopped“.

He then warns: “Unless Congress takes urgent action in the new year, we will not be able to continue sending the weapons and vital air defense systems that Ukraine needs to protect its people.” And urges “Congress to step forward and act without further delay”with a message clearly aimed at the Republicans who are blocking the approval of the new funds, 61 billion dollars, for Ukraine and demanding in exchange drastic changes on immigration and asylum.

In his statement, Biden underlines how American and other allies’ help has been essential for Kiev in recent years. “The American people can be proud of the lives they have helped save and the support we have given to Ukraine in the defense of its people, its freedom and its independence,” adds the president.