Ukraine, Biden: “Use alongside Kiev as long as needed”

“Moscow put an end to the aggression immediately”

“These attacks” carried out by Russia “killed and injured civilians and destroyed targets that did not have a military purpose, once again they demonstrate the terrible brutality of Mr. Putin’s illegal war against the Ukrainian people“So Joe Biden in a statement released by the White House condemns” the missile attacks conducted by Russia today throughout Ukraine, including Kiev. “” We offer our condolences to the families and loved ones who have been senselessly killed “, he said. added the American president.

Russia’s missile attacks on Ukraine “only strengthen our commitment to stay alongside the Ukrainian people for as long as necessary“.” Together with our allies, we will continue to impose the costs on Russia for its aggression, and hold Putin and Russia accountable for atrocities and war crimes and provide the necessary support for Ukrainian forces to defend their country and their freedom. “.” We still ask Russia – concludes the American president – to put an immediate end to this aggression unprovoked and remove his troops from Ukraine “.