Ukraine, Bild: “007 Kiev tried to assassinate Putin”

According to the German newspaper, the failed assassination attempt was kept under wraps by the Russian authorities. A UJ-200 drone that left on Sunday would have been used for the operation

THE Kiev intelligence services allegedly attempted to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin with a kamikaze drone on Sunday. This was stated by the popular German newspaper Bild, according to which the failed assassination attempt was kept hidden by the Russian authorities.

A Uj-200 drone would have been used for the operationwith a range of 800 km. Departing from Ukraine on Sunday afternoon, the drone was headed towards an industrial park near Moscow, 500 km from the border. On Twitter, Ukrainian activist Yuriy Romanenko said that Ukrainian services sent the drone after learning that Putin would go to Rudnevo industrial park in sight.

Indeed the Russian media reported on a Ukrainian drone that crashed near the village of Voroskovo on Sunday, about twenty km from the Rudnevo industrial park. Pavel Zarubin, a journalist close to the Kremlin, had reported Sunday morning that Putin was to visit an industrial park in Moscow. However, it is not clear whether the visit was scheduled for Sunday or Monday. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov later said on Monday that Putin did not have any events planned.