Ukraine, Blinken: “Russia use kamikaze drones sign despair”

“End of the post-cold war world”

Russia’s use of Iranian drones to target Ukrainian cities is “a sign of growing desperation”. This is the opinion expressed by the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, speaking at Stanford University. “We are seeing these drones – he said he – What are they doing? They attack civilians. They attack critical infrastructures like power plants, hospitals, things that people need in daily life and that are not military targets.” .

“It is a sign of growing desperation on the part of Russia, but it is also a sign of the levels to which they are lowering – denounced Blinken – and that we have repeatedly seen when it comes to targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure. We want to make sure we do everything possible. to help the Ukrainians defend themselves from this aggression, even if they are driving the Russians back from the territory that Russia has conquered “.

The war in Ukraine “ended the post-Cold War world,” he says. “We are at an inflection point. The post-Cold War world has come to an end and there is intense competition underway to define what will come next – explained the head of American diplomacy – At the heart of this competition is It’s technology. Technology will reorganize our economies in many ways. It will reform our armies. It will shape the lives of people around the planet. It is therefore a source of national strength. “