Ukraine, Borrell: “China and India recognize Russia’s ‘aggression'”

Beijing and New Delhi have voted on a UN resolution with explicit reference to the invasion of Ukraine

China and India have recognized Russia’s aggression against Ukraine for the first time at the UN. This was written in a tweet by the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, who “welcomed” the vote in favor of the resolution by “key G20 partners such as China, Brazil, India and Indonesia “.

The vote, which took place last week, initially went unnoticed due to the content largely focusing on increased cooperation between the United Nations and the Council of Europe. But some observers were astute enough to spot the glaring reference to the war in Ukraine inserted in the ninth paragraph of the preamble, which reads as follows: “Also recognizing that the unprecedented challenges Europe now faces as a result of aggression by of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and against Georgia previously, and the termination of the membership of the Russian Federation in the Council of Europe, (we) call for enhanced cooperation between the United Nations and the Council of Europe”.

The vote is unlikely to herald a foreign policy shift on Beijing’s or New Delhi’s agenda, given their close military and economic ties to Moscow and their staunch refusal to align with Western political views. However, considering both countries’ widely documented reluctance to publicly condemn Moscow for launching a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the small move in itself represents a very important diplomatic signal, and a novelty in the crisis of the Russian- Ukrainian.

“It is a timid signal that goes in the right direction, I hope that India and China make courageous choices and above all that China convinces Moscow to back down and end a war that nobody wants”, said Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani .