Ukraine, Borrell: today we will not decide on sanctions on Russia. US evacuate diplomatic families

On the crisis in Ukraine, the situation remains very tense. In the past few hours, the US administration has advised American citizens against traveling to Russia via a message from the State Department. The United States also ordered the evacuation of the families of diplomats to Ukraine. It was recommended to reduce non-essential staff by the embassy in Kiev. Ukraine criticized the order given by Washington as “premature” and “excessive”. “With all due respect for the right of foreign states to guarantee the security of their diplomatic missions, we consider this measure taken by the Americans as premature and excessive,” Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko said in a statement. At the same time London also announced measures by ordering the withdrawal of its staff from the Kiev embassy due to Russia’s “growing threat” towards Ukraine: the Foreign Office reports. The British Embassy remains open for the handling of essential business. “Some of the embassy staff” and their families “are moving away from Kiev in response to the growing threat from Russia,” the statement read.

What the EU does

The European Union, on the other hand, takes its time: “We want to act in close coordination with our partners on sanctions: the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. At the moment we are continuing to build a strong package of sanctions, but nothing concrete will be approved today, ”said EU High Representative Josep Borrell ahead of today’s foreign affairs council in Brussels. “There is a process, the process is ongoing, everything will be ready when needed, but today we will not announce anything,” he added.

Borrell: we wait for Blinken, EU personnel do not leave Ukraine

Borrell, commenting on the US announcement of the evacuation of the families of diplomats, said instead that “unless the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has something important to tell us, the European Union personnel have no plans. no evacuation from Ukraine “.

Mayor Kiev accuses Berlin of “treason”

Meanwhile, the mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, accuses Germany of “treason” and “failure to help”, in a harsh speech published exclusively by Bild today, due to Berlin’s failure to deliver weapons to Ukraine. “This is failure to help and betrayal of friends, in a dramatic situation, in which our country is threatened by Russian troops on various borders,” he says. “Many ask the question: who is the German government with? On the side of freedom and therefore of Ukraine, or on the side of the aggressor?” “Now we need a clear signal from the most important country in Europe”, he adds. “In Ukraine there is a huge disappointment that Germany is keeping faith with Nord Stream 2. And about the fact that it does not hand over its weapons to us and that in this way it also distracts countries like Estonia from surrendering them to us,” he says. again Klitschko in his speech.