Ukraine, China plan: truce and territories occupied by Russia

The Chinese envoy Li Hui, according to the Wall Street Journal, presented the proposal to Kiev’s European allies

Truce in the war in Ukraine and Russian control over the territories occupied by Moscow. This, according to the Wall Street Journal, is the plan developed by China. Beijing’s envoy Li Hui allegedly tried to convince Europeans to a truce in Ukraine with the recognition that the territories occupied by Moscow now belong to Russia. The Wall Street Journal wrote it, quoting Western sources familiar with the content of Li’s talks in European capitals.

“The Chinese ambassador tasked with pressing China’s plan for Ukraine carried a clear message: US allies in Europe must assert their autonomy and demand an immediate ceasefire, leaving Russia in possession of parts of territory of its small neighbor which it now occupies”, the sources quoted by the WSJ said.

He has visited them in Kiev, Warsaw, Berlin, Paris and Brussels, and is now in Moscow. According to the sources, while it is too early to dismiss Beijing’s efforts, there are many questions about Beijing’s ability to act as an honest broker given its proximity to Moscow. Li was told that Europe cannot be divided from the United States and that Europe will continue to support Ukraine.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov “reaffirmed” Moscow’s “commitment” to a “political-diplomatic solution” to the conflict in Ukraine, following the Russian invasion that began on February 24 last year. This was announced by the Moscow Foreign Ministry after the conversation between Lavrov and Li Hui, who had been in Kiev in mid-May.

“Lavrov expressed gratitude to China for the balanced position on the Ukrainian crisis, he greatly appreciated Beijing’s willingness to play a positive role – the ministry said – The Foreign Minister reiterated Moscow’s commitment to a political solution- diplomat of the conflict, noting the great obstacles posed by the Ukrainian side and its western curators for the resumption of peace talks”.