Ukraine: “Colossal Moscow losses”. Two regions of Russia bombed

Kursk and Bryansk report attacks on their territory

Russia’s losses in the war in Ukraine are “colossal”. The advisor to Ukrainian President Oleksiy Arestovych said this, admitting that Kiev has lost control of some cities and villages in the east, where fighting is intensifying, and that there have been heavy losses. But the Russian ones are even more serious. Quoted by the UNIAN news agency, Arestovuch said that every day the Russians lose a military company.

The two Russian regions on the border with Ukraine, Kursk and Bryansk, report that the territory has been bombed. “There was no respite this morning in the border town of Rylsk. At eight the mortars fired at Krupets,” Kursk region governor Roman Starovolt announced on Telegram. Starovolt guaranteed that Russian forces destroyed the positions from which the attack came and that there were no casualties or damage. Bryansk governor Alexander Bogomaz said, citing FSB border guards, that the village of Belaya Berezka was bombed from Ukrainian territory. The water and electricity infrastructures have been damaged, he added.