Ukraine, Conte announces a demonstration for peace “without acronyms and without flags”

The leader of the M5s: “Peace has no colors, I hope the center-right voters can also participate”

A demonstration for peace in Ukraine (LIVEBLOG – SPECIAL). This was announced by the leader of the M5S Giuseppe Conte, even if neither date nor place have yet been set. But, says Conte in an interview with Donethe demonstration will be “without acronyms and without flags, open to all citizens who are deeply concerned about the ridge that the conflict is taking, exposing us to nuclear risk. While the theme of a peace negotiation seems to be relegated to the background”.

Conte: “Peace has no colors”

I hope for “a great demonstration in which center-right voters can also participate. Peace has no colors. We must focus on what unites with respect to what may be the various sensitivities. We need a shared turning point, a strong push towards negotiation, which represents the only way out of this war “.

“An international conference is needed”

“The negotiation – he explains – cannot be entrusted only to the warring parties, but must be a path to overcome Putin’s resistance first and foremost. The important thing is that it is embraced with full conviction: if you are not convinced that this is the solution it is difficult to persuade others. The strategy we are pursuing is leading us to a military escalation, and does not involve convinced and constant efforts to negotiate. Having said that, I believe that an international peace conference, under the aegis of the UN, and with the full involvement of the Holy See “.