Ukraine, Conte: “Italy will send jets and troops, it’s already written”

The M5S leader: “Meloni come to Parliament to tell us what he promised Zelensky”

“In a while we will send jets and troops. It is already written”. The leader of the M5S Giuseppe Conte said this to reporters in Transatlantico, commenting on the statements of the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky on Silvio Berlusconi during yesterday’s press conference with the premier Giorgia Meloni.

“Berlusconi’s positions are untenable: we have never questioned whether there is an aggressor or an attacked person, reversing the terms of the question is unacceptable. Having said that, you know our position. We believe that this military strategy leads nowhere , we are witnessing an escalation, in a while we will send jets and troops. It is already written. We do not see any way out other than peace negotiations”, he adds. “Within the European context, we ask the government to promote a political strategy that with diplomatic efforts leads to a way out”, continues the former prime minister.

“Meloni can go to Kiev and meet Zelensky. What did he promise? What did he say? That Italy will supply weapon after weapon, increasingly sophisticated? Come to Parliament to tell us”, he continues.