Ukraine, Conte: “No to further shipments of weapons”

The M5S leader: “We are not in favor”

Giuseppe Conte’s M5S says no to a new shipment of weapons to Ukraine, which has been engaged in the war with Russia for almost a year. “We believe that this prospect of escalation does not lead to any way out, we only see opposition and a prospect of continuous shipments but no prospect of peace negotiations”, says Conte, visiting the local market of San Giovanni di Dio in Rome . “Everything was talked about at Ramstein but not about negotiations and peace. You know our position: we support Ukraine, but after the sendings we believe that Italy has done its part and now, as per its tradition, it must be in the front row to make a contribution through the diplomatic channel. We are not in favor of a further sending”, he adds.

Conte also expresses himself on the Minister of Justice: “The confrontation in parliament with Nordio was disappointing,” says Conte. “We are concerned about the perspective outlined by this majority, which leads us to believe that 41 bis may be at risk, that the ability to investigate the mafia and corruption may be compromised with this debate they have opened to limit wiretapping and we are very concerned , in perspective, also the plan, by exploding the mandatory nature of criminal prosecution and the separation of careers, of wanting to enslave the judiciary to the political power. We will strongly oppose this plan. We reserve an evaluation on the measures with which to counter it “.