Ukraine: “Counteroffensive flop, now new tactic”. Russia: “We advance”

Kiev is preparing for a new strategy. Zelensky: “Air defense systems have arrived”

Ukraine admits mistakes in the counteroffensive and recognizes the need to change strategy in the war against Russia. President Volodymyr Zelensky welcomes the arrival of two more air defense systems. On the other hand, Moscow claims successes and progress in the conflict that began 2 years ago.

The apparent stalemate in the war has continued for months. The fight is along the front line without substantial changes in the positions, which appear consolidated since the end of the counter-offensive led by Kiev in 2023. Ukraine has not broken through the Russian defense, particularly on the southern front, and has not achieved its objective of cut the enemy line to head towards Crimea. Now, Kiev also has to deal with the complex management of weapons and ammunition: it is awaiting a signal from the United States, with a 61 billion package blocked in Congress due to the opposition of a group of Republicans in the Senate.

Ukrainians admit “mistakes” that have left ‘disappointment’ in the West with the results. Now we are betting on a ‘new’ tactic, in the midst of the conflict that has been going on for weeks and which could have reached its peak between President Zelensky and the head of the Armed Forces, Valerii Zaluzhny. “As for the counteroffensive, yes, there is a certain negative aftertaste after what happened in 2023,” acknowledges presidential advisor Mykhailo Podolyak in an interview with Ukrainian broadcaster Channel 24.

“There have been tactical errors, military commanders and political leaders talk about it – he adds – It’s not a problem, it’s a war. It’s not a small country with limited resources fighting against us, it’s Russia, a large country with a enormous military and industrial apparatus”.

Podolyak returns to ask for more support from European countries just as the EU launches new 50 billion aid. “It is necessary to increase the supply of some armaments and the issue of quantities must be resolved,” he says, admitting at the same time that there is a certain “tiredness” on some fronts, such as Donetsk. “We cannot stop the war – he states – We must change tactics. The strategy does not change, but operational decisions must change based on the number of weapons and capabilities”. According to Podolyak, “it must be something unexpected for Russia fighting in a linear fashion. We must deprive it of its ability to predict what Ukraine will do.”

The main news of the last few hours, as Zelensky announces, is the arrival of “two more air defense systems”. “The details cannot be discussed in public,” says the president. “These are systems capable of intercepting anything. We will defend the territories. Although the systems are still insufficient for the complete protection of Ukraine, we work every day to achieve this goal,” he adds.

Russia announces new conquests

In this context, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announces that his army is on the offensive in Ukraine and has allegedly made territorial gains. “Our units are advancing, expanding the area under their control, improving their position on the front line,” he says at a meeting with senior officers in Moscow in which the absence of General Valerii Gerasimov is notable.

“After the failure of the enemy counteroffensive, the Russian Armed Forces took the strategic initiative along the entire front line. The Russian army captured the villages of Tabayivka and Krokhmalne in the eastern Ukrainian region of Kharkiv and the village of Vesele near Bakhmut, in the Donbass region,” he adds.

There is heavy fighting in Tabayivka but it remains in Ukrainian hands, a military spokesperson in Kiev declared, specifying that “artillery clashes are underway”.