Ukraine, crashed helicopter: who was Yenin, a new face after the revolution

The deputy interior minister among the victims of the crash, many in Rome mourn him

Yevghen Yenin, the Ukrainian deputy interior minister among the victims of the helicopter crash in Kiev, is remembered by many in Rome, where he worked between 2012 and 2016. As an adviser to the Ukrainian embassy in Italy, of which he was de facto spokesperson, in the absence of an official in this position, during the Maidan Revolution, when he was a available contact for journalists interested in following the developments of the crisis and the diplomatic implications of the events in Kiev, then, from 2014, as deputy ambassador.

Yevghen, 42, leaves behind his wife Ludmilla and two small children, a boy born in Kiev and a girl born in Rome. He perfectly represented the new Ukraine that emerged from the 2014 shock. Originally from Dnipro, like the ambassador who had served in Rome, Yevghen Perelyghin, who is now secretary general of the Broadcasting Licensing Authority. Yenin was the perfect exponent of the new generation that would rise up the ladder of power to replace the old regime’s nomenklatura.

Back in Ukraine from Italy, he had assumed the position of deputy attorney general, with the important responsibility for international cooperation. In 2020, he became deputy foreign minister and the following year deputy interior minister, crowning a lightning career.

“He was far from a detached official, as were the Soviet bureaucrats. He always had a very human approach towards people. He was down-to-earth, optimistic and full of ideas on how to implement his many projects”, Irina testifies to Adnkronos Cascei, a free lance journalist from Kharkiv, who has been in Italy for years now, who between 2015 and 2016 worked alongside Yenin at the embassy as a consultant for relations with the press. In one of your last interviews with an Italian media, you said: “Russia is trying to take away our right to life”.

“In the history of Ukraine there have been cases in which the country has experienced the death of a politician or a state official as a sincere and personal mourning, but they (the victims of the helicopter, ed.) are the first generation in power in Ukraine which will be mourned by the majority of Ukrainians. They were part of the new Ukraine and they showed it clearly after February 24”, commented Kharkiv governorate councilor Irina Popova (it seems that the helicopter was heading right towards the city Eastern Ukraine). Yevghen’s last Facebook post was four days ago. And it is dedicated to his Dnipro, after the massacre of the Russian missile on a condominium, in which 44 people were killed.